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Beta Enduro Motorcycles

BETA motorcycles are built with the mix of passion and engineering excellence that makes them beautiful, functional and able to last a lifetime.

2021 Beta 125 RR


125 2T / 200 2T / 250 2T / 300 2T
350 4T EFI / 390 4T EFI / 430 4T EFI / 480 4T EFI / XTRAINER 300

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Beta 2021

After last year’s major overhaul, the 2021 Beta Xtrainer doesn’t get any significant changes, unless stickers and plastic color are a huge deal to you. Regardless, the Beta Xtrainer is still worth a peek, reminding us that this unusual enduro motorcycle exists and caters to various niches. It’s a motorcycle with a slightly shrunk chassis and a torquey two-stroke motor—built for serious trail riding rather than racing.

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