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CFMOTO have grown and grown and now enjoy large sales throughout Australia selling 1000’s of machines
each year all over the country. In Europe a they are the number one brand in Austria, Greece
and Norway and continue to win new friends each year with their keen pricing
and great product built to a standard and sold with a solid 2 year warranty,
backed up by a nation wide dealer network to keep you going.


CFMOTO Brand New X850 ATV

NEW at K&J Thomas! CFMoto have just released the brand new X850 EPS ATV. AT $10,990
This new high performance V twin engine has super smooth power delivery and is perfect for any hunters, weekend warriors, tour operators and farmers who are looking for that bit more. The X850 EPS provides a comfortable seating position, larger wheelbase for greater stability, 14” alloy wheels with greater ground clearance and the benefit of the extra cc’s under thumb to power across the broadacre paddocks.
It’s the first of a number of new model roll outs to take place! At only $10,990 ride away.

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X400 / X400LE

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X500 farm spec

X500 Farm Spec

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Available in Blue, Orange & Camo

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